Surfskate Boards: The Ultimate Way to Shred the Streets

Experience the thrill of surfing on land like never before! Check out our top 3 picks of the best surfskate boards you can buy!

Surfskate boards

As someone who has been riding surfskate boards for years, I can confidently say that there's nothing quite like the feeling of carving down a hill or weaving through a crowded city street on one of these unique boards.

For those unfamiliar with the sport, surf skateboarding might seem perplexing - how can you surf on the pavement?

But once you try it for yourself, you'll quickly understand why so many people are drawn to this exhilarating and dynamic activity.

In this article, we'll dive deeper into the world of surfskateboarding, exploring its history, benefits, top brands, and models, and reveal our Top 3 Picks.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious beginner who's looking for your first surfskate board, there's something here for everyone to learn and enjoy.

What are Surfskate Boards and How Do they Differ from Traditional Skateboards?

At first glance, a surfskate skateboard might look like a regular skateboard - they have a similar shape, size, and four wheels.

However, there are some key differences that set them apart. Surfskate boards typically have a wider surfskate truck (the metal part that holds the wheels), which allows for greater stability and more dynamic turning.

They also often feature special bushings (the rubber or urethane pieces that connect the truck to the board) that allow for more fluid movement and a feeling of "flow" when riding.

Additionally, surfskate boards often have larger and softer wheels than traditional skateboards, which helps absorb bumps in the pavement and gives a smoother ride.

Overall, these design features make surfskate boards more suited for carving and mimicking the movements of surfing on land.

Top 3 Picks Of The Best Surfskate Boards For You

Our team of experts has scoured the market and tested numerous surfskate brands to bring you the top 3 best options available.

Check them out below: 👇

FLOW Surf Skates With Carving Truck

This surf skateboard is perfect for carving, thanks to its unique curved truck design and high-quality construction. It has a lightweight deck and robust grip tape to give you extra stability when carving, making it ideal for experienced skaters and pros alike.

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Why We Love These Surf skate Carver Skateboards

This amazing surfskate skateboard is the perfect way to get your feet wet with the thrilling sport of surfskating.

These carving surfskate trucks allow you to make smooth turns and sharp carves, giving you an exhilarating ride. With its lightweight design, you can easily take it on the go for a day of fun.

Its polyurethane wheels grip the surface for a stable and secure ride. You'll have hours of exhilaration as you practice your skills and progress in this thrilling sport!

FLOW Surf Skates Specs

What To Know About This Surf Training Board

The FLOW Surf Skateboard is the ultimate way to take a beach day surf experience and generate speed sufskating right through your city!

You'll produce your own wave with the carving sensations you love with its front truck and unique internal spring design, made for flowy, snappy turns.

Perfect for flat days or just riding around town, Flow Surf Skates lets you show off your surfing skills like never before. Whether you're a veteran of the sea or a novice on concrete, this surfskate system will have you looking like a pro in no time!

With Flow Surf Skates, have fun, impress your friends and take your skating experience to the next level!

Slide Surfskate Street Surf Skateboard

Embrace the thrilling convergence of street surfing and skateboarding like never before with this revolutionary surf-skate board. Its unique design unites both worlds into one extraordinary ride!

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Why We Love The Slide Surfskate Skateboard

This surfskate skateboard is a revolutionary way to enjoy street surfing and skateboarding. With a unique design, it combines the best of both worlds in one board.

It's designed with a patented system that lets you make sharp turns and drift like on a real surfboard with the same stability as on a skateboard with plenty of room for the front foot.

Similar to the Yow Surf skateboard, this board also features powerful surfskate trucks and wheels (with a rail adapter) that provide great control and speed, making it perfect for riders of all skill levels.

Whether you're just starting out or an experienced rider, this surfskate skateboard provides the perfect ride for any adventure down the Venice Beach boardwalk or a Basque Country skatepark.

Slide Surfskate Street Surf Skateboard Specs

More Features Of The Slide Surfskate Surf Trainer

This is just the right surfskate to make you feel like riding a wave and take your skateboarding to a new level!

With its patented spring-loaded back truck system and Canadian Maple decks, you'll be cruising on this board in no time.

Plus, the 65mm x 44mm wheels with 78a super high rebound durometer and Bevo Gold ABEC 7 high-speed precision bearings give you amazing maneuverability. And don't worry – it'll hold up to 200 pounds of weight no problem!

So why wait? Get ready to carve in style with the Slide Surf Skateboard! This lightweight and agile board is great for skateboarding enthusiasts looking for something new and unique.

The truck adjustment tool and sticker pack included make this board one of a kind - so don't miss out on your chance to Slide Surfskate Street Surf today!

Surfskate Carver Surf Skateboard

With its 32-inch deck, spring truck adaptor, and smooth carving capabilities, this board will give you an entirely new experience as you carve your way across the street or beach.

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Why We Pick These Carver Skateboards

This 32-inch Carver surfskate surf training board is the ultimate ride for carving and cruising the street. Unlike any other surfskates, It features a Spring Truck Adaptor that allows you to take your carving skills to a whole new level, giving you a more balanced training experience.

Whether you're just starting out or looking for an advanced surfskate experience, similar to the Carver CX, this board is perfect for mastering your carve and cruise moves with ease. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy to transport from one spot to the next!

Surfskate Carver Surf Skateboard Specs

What To Know About These Carver Skateboards

Calling all surfers, skaters, and adventurers alike! The CARVPUMS SurfSkate Carver Surf Skateboard is your ticket to ride the waves without ever having to leave the land.

With its 32-inch Maple deck, nine-inch width for an optimal stance and balance, and two-point six-inch wheel size allowing for smooth cruises and tight carves.

If that wasn’t good enough, it also comes with a patented front spring adapter as well as a skate Pro 2-layer rear truck – perfect for pumping and carving.

As if it couldn’t get even better than that – you get colorful printed sandpaper too. But let’s not forget the frosted wear-resistant wheels and 7 layers of Canada maple deck which helps make sure you don’t take along any unnecessary weight!

So what are you waiting for? Get up and break the waves at home with one of the best surfskates: CARVPUMS SurfSkate!

Surf Skate Boards FAQs

In case you might have some more questions, our team has searched through the most frequently asked questions about surf training skateboards and brought you the most relevant answers to help you make a better decision on the board that is best for you.

Can you ride surfskate boards like regular skateboards?

Yes, you can ride surfskate boards like regular skateboards, but it might feel different due to the design differences. Surfskate boards are typically more suited for carving and mimicking the movements of surfing on land, but they can still be used for basic skateboarding tricks and transportation.

However, if you're looking to do complicated flip tricks or grind rails, a traditional skateboard might be more appropriate.

Are surfskate boards only for advanced riders?

Surfskate boards can be enjoyed by riders of all skill levels, but some models might be more challenging than others.

For beginners, it's recommended to start with a wider and longer board with softer wheels, as these will offer greater stability and an easier ride.

As your skills progress, you can graduate to smaller and more maneuverable boards that require more balance and technique. It's important to choose a board that matches your skill level and riding style in order to have the best experience possible.

Tips for Riding Your Surfskate Skateboard Like a Pro

To ride your surfskate boards like a pro, it's important to practice proper technique and form.

Start by bending your knees and keeping your weight centered over the board. Use your hips and legs to carve back and forth, mimicking the movements of surfing on land. Keep your eyes up and look toward where you want to go, rather than down at the board.

As you become more comfortable, try incorporating pumping motions with your legs to generate speed without pushing off the ground.

Remember to always wear appropriate safety gear, such as a helmet and pads, and start with a board that matches your skill level to avoid injury or frustration.

With practice and dedication, you can master the art of surfskate boarding like a pro!

Surfskate Carver Surf Skateboard Features

In conclusion:

Surfskate boarding is a fun and exciting way to mimic the movements of surfing on land.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, there's a surf-skate board out there for you. With proper technique and practice, anyone can ride their surf-skate board like a pro.

Remember to always wear appropriate safety gear and start with a board that matches your skill level to avoid injury or frustration.

Check prices and availability on Amazon. Here are the links to the boards:

FLOW Surf Skates With Carving

Slide Surfskate Street Surf Skateboard

Surfskate Carver Surf Skateboard

Slide Surfskate