The Best Snow Skateboard For Rad Winter Fun

Can't use your regular skateboard because of the snow? Shred the powder with your new snow skateboard with ollies, and flips. Check them out!

Snow Skateboarders

Don’t let a little snow stop you from skating this winter.

The snow skateboard is the perfect way to keep your skills sharp all winter long, no matter how much snow is on the ground.

A snow skateboard is just like a regular skateboard, but with a special grip that allows you to ride on top of the snow. You can do all the same tricks as on a regular skateboard, and it’s a lot of fun!

It’s an innovative new toy that they will love using all winter long.

With this type of board, you can ride in any condition and still have a blast while doing it.

If you love skateboarding, then you need to own a snow skateboard. It’s the only way to make sure that you stay in skating shape all winter long.

Our team has picked and recommended the best snowskates for you to have the time of your life.

But, what is the difference between a regular skateboard and a snow skateboard?

If skateboarding and snowboarding had a baby, it would be snowskating. 😁

This new winter sport combines the best of both worlds by allowing skaters to slide, ollie, and do flip tricks on single-deck snowskates.

No bindings or boots are necessary - skate shoes will do just fine. Plus, this type of skateboard deck has been enhanced with additional grip to better stick to icy and snowy surfaces. If you feel the need for even more traction, spikes can easily be added to the top of the skateboard deck.

Now is your chance to break away from the cold and empty skateparks of this season and get imaginative with some homemade ramps in your own street.

Don't forget to take one of the snow skateboards below in our top recommendations for the ride!

Let's check them out!

Ambition Snowskates

Best Cross-light construction deck with 7-ply Canadian maple

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Ambition Snowskates Specs

Why We Pick This Premium Snow Skateboard

Welcome to a new winter experience with the Ambition Premium Snowskates Team 2023.

This model will take your snowboarding or snowskating skills to the next level! Its lightweight and powerful design are perfect for leaping, cutting, and performing tricks with ease. With its cross-light construction and EVA topsheet layer, this board is sure to provide an especially smooth ride in between your snow skateboarding stunts.

You can rest easy knowing that it’s built with 7-ply Canadian maple and an epoxy resin lamination for added stability and strength – so you can enjoy a fun and safe sledding and snowskate adventure every time!

Dip deeper by checking these Snowskates Team 2023 today on Amazon and start living life on a snowboard/snow skateboard and enjoying your winter snow powder as the skateboarder that you are.


A true skateboard for the snow.

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Why We Love The Agog Snow Skateboard

It comes in a natural wood color and features a patent-pending Morphteck base so that you can carve those tight turns – no matter what type of conditions you’re faced with.

A concave skate deck with a grippy EVA topsheet makes it extra easy to control, while its closed-cell foam shock absorption takes some of the stress out of your moves.

The tail even has its own leash hole, so you won’t have your board running away from you down the mountain slopes.

This awesome snow skateboard is handmade in Canada and laminate colors may vary between natural, blue, and red.

This Agog reminds me very much of the Ly Snow skateboard (which is one that I like very much, as well) because they are a very similar type of product you can use to just shred the snow powder like you would carving down the streets on a regular skateboard.

So, put your skis away and grab your Agog Sports SLOPEDECK and get ready to carve up like never before in the snow this season!

Krown Snowskate Skateboard 

Best dual-kick snow skate.

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Krown Snowskate Skateboard Specs

Why We Choose The Known Snowskate

It's time to experience the same freedom you love about skateboarding - but with a twist - on snow!

Krown Skateboards' plastic polymer Snowskate has arrived and is ready to shred.

This board is constructed with an asymmetrical dual-kick design, making it suitable for sliding and shredding on.

It provides a flexible feel while the grooved underside ensures superior stability and control as you ride.

And check out the top sheet! It will make you look super cool with the EVA foam, built on a Cyan Blue deck that measures 9" x 32".

Now go hit that powder and get creative in your tricks with Krown Skateboards' Snowskate. Make again!

Ambition Snowskates


Krown Snowskate Skateboard