The 3 Best Roller Skates For Kids To Have Fun

Discover our top 3 picks for the best roller skates for kids. Read to find out why these 3 skates come on top in our research.

Cool Kid Skating

Looking for a fun, healthy way to get your kids active and outdoors?

Roller skating is the perfect way to do just that! It’s a great exercise for kids and helps improve their balance and motor skills.

Not only is skating tons of fun, but it’s also a great social activity. Kids can roller skate with friends or family and have a blast while doing so.

Check out our top picks to get your kids the best roller skates on the market today!

How We Choose The Best For You

With so many roller skates on the market, it can be hard to know which pair is right for your child. That's where our team of experts comes in.

We go through thousands of customer reviews and star lists to bring you the best roller skates for kids on the market.

We do the hard work of qualifying the best features in kids' roller skates for you, Like adjustable sizing, light-up wheels, and urethane wheels,  so you can choose the perfect pair of children's roller skates on the market today.

And because we're always updating our list, you can be sure that you're getting the most up-to-date information on the best roller skates for kids.

So whether your child is just learning to skate or is an experienced skater, and because we know that safety is a top priority for parents, we only recommend products that meet the highest safety standards.

So you can rest assured that your child is in good hands with our top picks for roller skates for kids.

Fun Roll Boy's Jr

Best Adjustable Roller Skate

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Why We Choose The Fun Roll

The Fun Roll Boy's Jr Adjustable Roller Skate is the perfect way to get your little one started skating.

With its easy-to-use adjustable design, they can keep using it as they grow. With the ability to adjust up to four sizes, this skate is perfect for growing kids.

You don't want to keep buying new skates every few months. With the Fun Roll Boy's Jr Adjustable Roller Skate, you can easily adjust the size to keep up with your fast-growing boy.

The rugged and fun "tractor skate" design is perfect for little ones learning to skate.

They'll love the strong and supportive boot with its extra-cushy padded liner for comfort and control.

And you'll love knowing they're getting active and having fun!

What You Should Know

The Fun Roll Boy's Jr Adjustable Roller Skates are perfect for kids who want to get out and skate.

They have a low center of gravity which means more balance and safety while skating.

The indoor/outdoor wheels are made of quality urethane, making them perfect for skating on any surface.

The skates are adjustable, so they can grow with your child. They're also easy to put on and take off.

Whether your child is just starting to learn how to skate or is an experienced skater, the Fun Roll Boy's Jr Adjustable Roller Skates are a great choice.


Best Adjustable Quad Roller Skates

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Why We Love The CHICAGO Kids

There's nothing like the classic, iconic look of quad roller skates - and the Chicago Kids Adjustable Quad Roller Skates are the perfect pair for your little one!

These skates adjust four full sizes with the push of a button, so they can grow with your child as their skating skills develop.

The soft, comfortable boots are designed for beginner skaters and offer excellent support and stability.

With fun colors and a sleek design, these skates add a touch of retro style to any outfit.

Get your little girl rolling in style with the Chicago Kids Adjustable Quad Roller Skates!

What You Should Know

The Chicagoland Kids' Adjustable Quad Roller Skates offer a comfortable and supportive fit with the added bonus of being adjustable!

These hi-top skaters come equipped for all-day wear thanks to their two-piece boot construction, padded collar (which helps keep your little one's neck protected), and breathable nylon mesh inner layer that wicks away moisture quickly while providing warmth during winter months.

And don't forget about those micro ratchet buckles - they're perfect because kids often grow at different rates than adults do so these skate shoes give you control over how far up or down each wheel goes depending upon if it is a new growth spurt time or not.

The bottom line: The Chicago Kids Adjustable Quad Roller Skates are a great choice for growing kids who want the classic quad look without sacrificing comfort or quality.

Chicago Youth Quad Skates

Best Rink Roller Skate For Girls

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Why We Love The Chicago Quad Skates

Introducing the Chicago Skates Girls Rink Roller Skate - perfect for your little girl who loves to skate!

These white quad skates feature a 3/4 athletic style boot with a padded ankle collar for comfort and are equipped with 54 mm urethane high-impact oversized wheels.

The double adjustable chassis and truck make these skates perfect for beginners or experienced skaters alike.

Lace them up and hit the rink in style!

What You Should Know

The Chicago Skates Girls Rink Roller Skate in white is a great starter pair of roller skates for kids.

They are lightweight and have an adjustable truck with a toe stop for greater control and safety.

These skates are also great for both indoor and outdoor skating.

Your child will have loads of old-fashioned fun with these classic quad roller skates!

Roller Skates For Kids FAQs

Buying children's beginner roller skates can be a daunting task. With all of the different brands, materials, sizes, colors, and types like inline skates both indoors and outdoors,  it's hard to know where to start.

It seems like every other day a new brand of children's skates pops up on the market.

How do you know which ones are good? And how do you know if they'll fit your child?

Our team of experts searched for the most frequently asked questions about the best kids' roller skates and put together this selection of the best answers to give you a unique perspective in helping you make an informed buying decision today.

Which is easier for kids: roller skates or roller blades?

Roller blades are easier for kids because they offer more support and stability than roller skates. With roller blades, your child can stay upright easier and has a better chance of avoiding falls.

Just remember to keep practicing and you'll be ready for the roller derby crazy skates in no time.

What kind of skates should a beginner get?

When starting out, it's best to choose a skate that is versatile and can do a little of everything.

For instance, the Rollerblade Macroblade 84 Skate is a great option because it has a soft boot that makes it comfortable to wear and gives you good control.

Plus, the 84mm wheels are perfect for beginners because they provide plenty of stability and make it easy to roll forward and backward.

Just make sure your little kids wear great protective gear like a good helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards to protect themselves.

What roller skates are best for kids?

There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing the best roller skates for kids.

One of the most important things to look for is safety. The skates should have a sturdy construction and good ankle support. They should also be adjustable, so they can grow with your child.

Other important features to consider include the type of skating your child wants to do. If they want to do tricks, then they will need roller skates that are designed for tricks skating. If they just want to skate around, then a basic pair of roller skates will work just fine. Dual front brakes for a timely stop are also always good features for a skate to have.

Finally, it's important to find a good quality brand that you can trust. Some of the best brands for kids' roller skates include Rollerblade, K2, and Powerslide.

What size roller skates should I get for my kid?

When choosing a size, it's important to consider both the shoe size and the skate size especially if they are big kids. The shoe size is the measurement of the foot, while the skate size is the measurement of the boot.

It's important to get a pair of skates that fit well because ill-fitting skates can be uncomfortable and cause blisters.

It's also important to make sure the skates are the perfect fit, definitely not too big because that can make it difficult to control the skates and increase the risk of injury. Consider high-quality construction material.

If you're unsure of what size to get, it's always best to err on the side of caution and go up a size. You can always use thicker socks or padding to make the skates fit more snugly.

Let's wrap it up...

Roller skating is a great way to have fun and get some exercise, and it’s even more enjoyable when you have the right equipment.

We hope our review of the best roller skates for kids has helped you figure out which pair is best for your child.

If you need help picking up any of the roller skates mentioned in the review, click on any of the links below to check prices and availability on Amazon now!

Thank you for reading and happy skating!

Best Adjustable Roller Skate

Fun Roll Boy's Jr

Best Adjustable Quad Roller Skates


Best Rink Roller Skate For Girls

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