How to Make an Electric Penny Board

Electric Penny Board

The electric penny board is a fantastic way to get around. They're small, lightweight, and easy to maneuver. Plus, they're environmentally friendly and a lot of fun to ride.

But how do you make one? In this blog post, we'll walk you through the process of how to make an electric penny board step by step.

Gather your materials.

You will need:

1 sheet of plywood (preferably 3/4 inch thick), 1 piece of hardboard or Masonite (1/8th inch thick), 2 electric motors (6v-12v), 2 sets of inline skate wheels (preferably with bearings), 4 wooden dowels (1/4 inch in diameter), 4 washers (1 inch in diameter), 4 nuts (1/4 inch in diameter), 4 bolts (1/4 inch in diameter), 8 spacers (3/4 inch in diameter), 1 deck (9 inches wide by 33 inches long), 1 battery pack (7.2v-12v).

Drill 16 holes evenly spaced apart on the underside of the plywood. These will be for the dowels.

Next, take the four dowels and insert them into the holes. Make sure that they are inserted flush with the top of the plywood.

Now, it's time to attach the motors. Take two of the washers and place them on either side of each of the dowels.

Then, take a motor and place it on top of the washers so that the shaft is pointing downwards.

Next, take a spacer and place it on top of the motor, followed by another washer.

Finally, screw on a nut to secure everything in place. Repeat this process for the other three dowels.

Penny Board

Now, it's time to connect the battery pack.

First, drill a hole through the plywood big enough for the wires to pass through.

Then, connect one end of each wire to a motor and thread it through the hole in the plywood.

Finally, connect the other end of each wire to one of the terminals on the battery pack. If everything is connected correctly, your motors should now be operational.

Finally, it's time to attach the wheels.

First, mark where you want your wheels to go with a pencil or pen.

Then, drill pilot holes slightly smaller than your bolts through the plywood at these locations.

Next, take a bolt and thread it through one of the pilot holes from underneath the plywood so that there is about 1/2 inch of bolt sticking out above the plywood. Then, add a washer and nut and tighten until snug. Repeat this process for all four wheels.

Penny Board Riders

Electric penny boards are a great way to get around town while having fun and being eco-friendly at the same time! Making your own is easy and only requires a few materials that you can find at your local hardware store.

Follow these simple instructions and you'll have your very own electric penny board in no time!

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