15 Awesome Gifts For Skateboarders That Are Totally Cool

Looking for the perfect gift for the skateboarder in your life? Are you stuck on ideas and don’t know what to get them? Check these gift ideas out

Gifts For Skateboarders

Buying gifts for skateboarders can be tough even risky business:)

But it's worth it! Skateboarders are very particular about their gear: their skate shoes, skateboard wheels, or any skateboard accessories for that matter.

Therefore, you want to make sure you get them a great gift that they will love -and we will help you with doing just that.

Our team has researched and picked the perfect gift for any skateboarder - from beginners to experts.

Even if they already have everything, we can assure you that they will love these cool and unique gifts that are perfect for any occasion, and they're sure to please even the pickiest of riders.

Let's scroll through our gift guide and find the perfect gift for the skateboarder in your life today!

Zeato All-in-One Skate Tools

This multi-functional tool includes a T-type Allen key and an L-type Phillips head wrench screwdriver, making it easy to tighten or replace the hardware on any skateboard.

The ergonomic design provides a secure grip for using the tool with ease, giving a skater maximum control when adjusting or tightening screws on their skateboard.

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Zeato Is One Of The Best Skateboard Gifts

Here's why:

This handy skate tool is a rad gift and is perfect for completing skateboard assembly, adjusting axle nuts, mounting hardware, and the kingpin nut on top of the truck.

This unique gift comes with three different sizes of sockets (3/8", 1/2", and 9/16") and a slide-out Phillips head wrench screwdriver that fits conveniently into the handle when not in use.

Best of all, it easily fits into their pocket so they can carry and use it wherever they go!

Now, after you give it to them as a gift, there will be no excuse for any serious skater not having their board ready for a session at the skate park or wherever the fun activity is with the skate community.

Get them a Zeato All-in-One skateboard T tool today and keep those wheels spinning! Skaters love it!

Vans Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes

Classic and timeless, these Vans Unisex Old Skool Skate Shoes are a must-have for any skater.

Featuring a stylish low-top design with sturdy canvas and suede uppers, reinforced toecaps to withstand repeated wear, padded collars for support and flexibility, and signature rubber waffle outsoles for a grippy ride.

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Why These Vans Skate Shoes Are A Great Gift

Talk about a style that will never go out of fashion. Fusing function and form, these streetwear superstars feature an iconic checkerboard canvas upper, complete with a rubber sole for maximum comfort and traction.

With platform measurements of approximately 2 inches, skaters will look fly with each and every step and with each and every skateboard trick.

These new pair of Vans shoes are one of the best gifts for skateboarders that will surely make them happy.

The black and white color palette is timeless, ensuring they'll never look anything but fresh when paired with their favorite skinny jeans, joggers, or their best skate pants.

Skaters and non-skaters alike love the Old Skool Classics – so why not join them in jumping on board the Vans train and give it as a gift that most skateboarders will totally love you for?

Simbow Skateboard Backpack

This Simbow Skateboard Backpack is the perfect way for them to carry their skateboard and other skateboard accessories in style.

It features a USB charging port, and anti-theft lock, and is water-resistant for added protection. The stylish design includes adjustable straps and multiple pockets for them to store items securely and safely.

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Why This Backpack Makes A Great Gift

The skateboarder in your life can now ditch the clunky skateboard bag that they use to carry around the skate parks and represent the skate culture with this unique gift from you!

They can now replace it with a revolutionary piece of technology – the Simbow Skateboard Backpack.

Not only is this backpack lightweight and convenient, but it also has plenty of neat features, like a USB charging port so they can charge on the go, a headphone interface to keep their hands free while enjoying music, and an anti-theft pocket perfect for storing away any valuables.

Plus, with its water-repellent exterior and organized pockets for penny boards, laptops, and notebooks, they’ll never have to worry about exposing their tech device to wetness ever again!

So give it as a holiday gift or a skating gift for any special occasion.

Board Blazers LED Skateboard Lights

This is one of the best gifts for skateboarders that will make them stand out from the crowd! These lights offer a unique underglow experience, allowing riders to light up their skateboards with bright white, blue, or green LEDs.

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Why Most Skaters Will Love The Blazers Lights

Introducing Board Blazers LED Skateboard Lights Underglow – to illuminate their ride in undeniably cool style!

Now they can take their skating to the next level and show off a unique look at night with this easy-to-attach underglow set of lights and they will appreciate you giving a  as a gift.

Compatible with skateboards, longboards, and scooters, these LED lights will bring a spectacular shine to everything they do on their board.

Glide by and watch heads turn – they’ll be mesmerized by bold colors dancing around the dark. It doesn’t matter if they’re grinding, flipping, or cruising - day or night - their board will never look brighter!

And with Board Blazers, it’s always easy to switch up the color, so they can have tons of fun experimenting and adding attitude to their adventures.  These are not the type of LED lights that you will find at your local skate shop!

So don’t think twice – light up their ride so they can put on one heck of a show with Board Blazers LED Skateboard Lights Underglow!

Gonex Skateboard Elbow Pads & Knee Pads

This set of protective gear from Gonex is the perfect companion for any skateboarder and also one of the best skateboard gifts you can give.

Includes one pair of skateboard pads for elbows and knees, as well as a pair of wrist guards that provide superior protection when they're on the board.

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Why We Love These Skateboard Gifts

They will take their skateboarding experience to new heights with the gift of these Gonex Skateboard Pads!

With superior protection from impacts and adjustable double-sided twill elastic straps for a secure fit, these pads are perfect for skateboarders and longboarders alike.

They're made of 600D high-density Oxford cloth and a thick PP curved shell for a turtle-like shape that prevents damage to the skater.

Plus, a 10mm/14mm EVA padding, soft 8mm sponge, and breathable cloth keep their knees, elbows, and wrists protected and fresh all day.

Whether they’re skating, scootering or biking, these pads guarantee all the protection they need!

But what skater wouldn’t love this as a gift?

Skater Trainers

Skater Trainers are skateboard accessories that help skaters learn tricks faster. They work by providing a steady base for the board, allowing skaters to practice harder tricks and land them with greater accuracy.

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Why Skater Loves The Skater Trainers

The Skater Trainers is an accessory that's guaranteed to get them mastering tricks faster than ever!

It will help them quickly and safely learn ollies, kickflips, and every other trick in the skateboarding playbook.

These adjustable accessories simply stretch over the skateboard wheels, preventing them from rolling away while they hone their skills.

No more tumbles or losing their board mid-trick! Now, beginners, teens, and adults alike can learn intuitively without sacrificing the fun of learning (or the safety of the individual). Parents can even join in the fun!

So, get them out there today to start showing off those impressive skills because this gift will make a huge difference in improving their skills!

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet

OutdoorMaster's Skateboard Cycling Helmet is designed with safety and comfort in mind. It features an aerodynamic, lightweight shell with adjustable straps. Its shock-absorbing padding ensures maximum protection.

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Why Our Team Loves This Helmet

Introducing the OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet, a ruggedly smart design that keeps skateboarders safe at the skate scene!

Every detail has been carefully crafted, so they can always enjoy a perfect fit whether they're skating, biking, BMX-ing, or mountain biking.

Thanks to its reinforced ABS shell and thickened shock-absorbing EPS core, the helmet is durable and impact-resistant for all of their skating adventures.

With two removable liners to suit different head sizes and even extra sweat functionality, rest assured that the OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet will keep them cool and comfortable during longer journeys.

And we haven't forgotten about convenience -- with a well-attached adjustment dial combined with the company's skin-friendly adjustable chin strap -- they'll love having an easy way to fit this helmet snugly and securely.

Go ahead -- give them one of the best gifts and make their skateboarding hobby even more fantastic with the OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet!

SANTA CRUZ Complete Skateboard

This complete skateboard is perfect for any skating enthusiast! The Screaming Hand Full Skateboard provides a smooth and responsive ride, great for cruising around town or riding the skate park. A rad gift!

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Why Skateboarders Love The Screaming Hand

The Screaming Hand Full has the perfect skateboard deck for anyone who wants to shred like a pro!

Made with traditional 7-ply Maple construction, it’s built to last.

Powered by Slime Balls 95a Wheels, Steel Abec 5 skateboard bearings, and 90a Bushings, this skateboard will have them riding slickly and confidently no matter what their skill level is.

And with an impressive load capacity of 250 pounds, this board can handle whatever they throw at it (or their friends).

Plus, it looks great too! With classic artwork from SANTA CRUZ’s more than 40-year history in skateboarding and apparel, this board will be an attention-getter wherever they go.

So don't just let them sit there dreaming about perfecting their kickflip--it's time to start shredding on one of the best-ever built skateboard decks with the iconic Screaming Hand Full printed on it! Give them this skateboard as a gift today!

Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape

The Jessup Skateboard Griptape is the perfect addition to their skateboard. With its professional-grade, high-quality materials and design, you can trust that it'll keep them safe while shredding up the park. 

It's designed to provide maximum grip, ensuring that they don't lose your footing during those tough tricks. It's a great value gift!

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Why Most Skateboarders Love The Jessup Tape

Say goodbye to slipping and sliding with the Jessup Griptape, The Original skateboard grip tape - the choice of professional skaters worldwide!

With rock-solid bonding to the deck, effortless conformability, and easy trimming without tearing, they’ll never have to worry about their grip tape while their head down that half pipe.

They can show off all their best tricks with maximum grip and comfort.

Most skaters know that good skateboarding doesn't just come down to your own hard work and skill - it also comes down to trusty materials and good skateboard accessories.

If you want them to feel confident that they won't end up flying through half of the skatepark unexpectedly, Jessup is the brand if you're looking for great gift ideas.

This high-quality griptape roll measures 10"x60ft to help keep their board steady either on a flat surface or on rough terrain.

Made of silicon carbide grit with an aggressive adhesive designed specifically for the demands of skateboarding, this black griptape sticks easily to any board so they can customize without limit!

One of the best gifts that will make a big difference and help them skate like a pro.

Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive

Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive is the perfect solution for fixing Skateboard shoes. It's long-lasting and provides a strong bond for maximum strength and durability.

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Why We Put Shoe Goo In Our Gift Guide

Skateboarding is an expensive sport. Their favorite skate shoes take a beating every time they go to the skate park.

They need a repair kit to patch these shoes every now and then.

This is your opportunity to give them the best quality clue on the market.

Introducing Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive – the little tube with big results!

Whether it's a pair of their favorite skate shoes or a beloved canvas sneaker,  this adhesive can help give worn looks a much-needed facelift.

This company's revolutionary formula bonds and protects their shoes, so they can rest assured their favorite kicks will be around for many more jaunts around the skate park.

But that's not all – this glue not only repairs and rebuilds for a permanent fix, but it also waterproofs against even the toughest elements!

Plus, just one tube provides an excellent sealant that creates extra traction; perfect for skateboards or any other situation calling for improved grip.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some Shoe Goo to complete your gift ideas!

Landwave Skateboard Ramps

Featuring four sturdy ramps and one deck, this kit will let them try out a variety of tricks and stunts. The ramps are made with durable plastic, so they're sure to last as long as they do on your board.

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Why We Pick This Top-Notch Ramp

This skateboarding ramp is definitely not the cheapest on our list of gift ideas! But, it is still one of the best gifts for skateboarders.

But they don't have to be a stunt prodigy to enjoy the thrills of ramp-based sporting with the Landwave 4-Sided Pyramid Skateboard Kit!

Whether they're looking for a way to take their skateboarding skills up a notch or just give themselves something cool to do in the driveway, this kit is the best quality gift to give them. With four ramps and one deck, they'll have plenty of possibilities when it comes to configuration.

Plus, assembling and reconfiguring is easy - no tools required! All they need is their imagination.

Welcome to a land where anything's possible... Landwave! Let them get ready to shred away with this shiny new 4-sided skate ramp that will make your home feel like a mission from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5!

Durable plastic with a tractable surface perfect for skateboards, inline skates, or BMX bikes.

Give them the gift of  Shredding away with this ramp!

DC Men's Court Graffik Xe

It features a comfortable design with a classic style, plus a cushioned and supportive midsole that provide excellent support and stability.

The leather upper is combined with a suede toe guard and signature detailing, to give you an iconic look that stands out from the crowd.

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Why We Love The DC Skate Shoes

The DC Men's Court Graffik Xe sneaker is a must-have addition to any wardrobe and a very unique gift.

Crafted with 100% leather and a stylish cup sole construction, it provides remarkable comfort and support for everyday adventures.

Not to mention the foam-padded tongue and collar, which provide added protection to give them more confidence as they explore without overbearing weight or discomfort. Skaters just love the feel of these shoes (and the style too).

Plus, skate shoes don't get more eye-catching than these — a combination of street style and smart fashion that turns heads wherever they will go.

With the Graffik Xe on their feet, passersby will know there's something different about their style.

Add the DC's Court Graffik Xe to your best gifts for skateboarders' list today!

GoPro HERO 8 Action Camera

The GoPro HERO8 Black is an incredible waterproof digital action camera with a remarkable touch screen, allowing you to capture stunning 4K HD video and 12MP photos.

Live streaming is made easy with built-in stabilization, giving you the power to share your adventures in real-time.

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Why Our Team Loves The GoPro Hero

Meet the GoPro HERO8 Black Action Camera - with Touch Screen, 4K HD Video, and HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization.

This is your skateboarder friend's ticket to catching all the action in super slo-mo or crisp 4K60 footage that'll make their friends swoon.

Whether they’re documenting an epic trick, capturing a scenic vista, or live streaming an event, this HERO8 camera is up for the job and a great gift for a skater!

Plus it's rugged and waterproof to 33ft (10m), so they can take it just about anywhere.

There's even an optional Media Mod to add more lighting, pro audio, and another screen if that's their thing.

Let them capture life at its best - only with GoPro HERO8 Black Waterproof Digital Action Camera!

Parking Block Skateboard Holder

This Parking Block Skateboard Holder will make any skateboard lover happy! This freestanding, portable rack is perfect for keeping your street or vert decks safe and secure. It's the perfect gift for skaters of all ages, with its durable construction and sleek design.

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Why We Choose This Skateboard Holder

Are you tired of tripping over their skateboards? The Parking Block is what they need!

This innovative, freestanding skateboard stand is the perfect gift for any skateboarder who needs a safe and secure way to store their boards.

It's compact, so it won't take up too much space in tight areas like apartments and closets – bye-bye tripping hazards!

And not only can they keep their boards protected but conveniently store all their gear in one place too.

Say goodbye to wall scuffs and scratches; with no installation required, they're good to go with no additional tools or hardware needed.

Plus, it's so sleek it'll look great wherever they put it!

So what are you waiting for? Get the Parking Block for a thoughtful gift today and keep their skateboards safe and stylish.

Your skaters will be impressed – give 'em something worth talking about with this cool new stand. It's not a bad idea and you won't regret it!

Crazy Funny Socks For Skaters

These colorful and funny skate socks are sure to make a statement! Perfect for any occasion, they are made from high-quality cotton and come in a variety of unique designs.

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Why We Pick These Socks

Does every man in your life have socks for every occasion and color?

If not, it's time to add some Crazy Funny Men’s Colorful Dress Socks to their wardrobe.

These novelty cotton socks for men feature pop culture skateboarding and rock music graphics that will make any guy stand out from the crowd.

Whether he's headed to a job interview or gearing up to crush it at the skate park, these exciting designs are sure to turn heads.

Made of an ultra-soft cotton blend, these skate socks offer comfort and breathability all day. With an elastic top band, you can be sure they will stay put while he's stomping his stuff at the park or struttin' it in his Sunday best.

Or if you're looking for the perfect gift for him - whether it's a birthday, Christmas Day, or just something special - these Novelty Cotton Socks give him fashion fun with an edge.

Bring excitement into everyday dressing with Crazy Funny Colorful Men’s Dress Socks!

And let him express himself through one of our unique designs - because no skater ever swapped his individuality for a pair of boring socks.

Let's Wrap The Gift Ideas Up...

Now it's your time to pick up a few items from the list to complete your list of gifts for skateboarders.

We hope that you enjoyed reading the article and hope that the details have helped you make a much more informed buying decision.

Check for price updates and availability on Amazon. We will put the links at the bottom for your convenience.

If want to give your female skater a gift, Check This Article Out!

Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

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OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet

SANTA CRUZ Complete Skateboard

Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape

Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive

Landwave Skateboard Ramps

DC Men's Court Graffik Xe

GoPro HERO 8 Action Camera

Parking Block Skateboard Holder

Crazy Funny Socks For Skaters

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