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INOKIM Light 2 Scooter

Are you someone who loves to explore the outdoors, yet dreads the thought of having to walk your way there? The INOKIM Light 2 E-Scooter could be the perfect solution for you. Combining impressive speed and agility, the Light 2 offers all the thrills of an outdoor adventure without all the tiring parts.

With a sleek design that’s as eye-catching as it is functional, the INOKIM Light 2 will take your ride to the next level. Strategically placed handles make steering easy, while the 8" tyres offer maximum shock absorption and excellent balance. On top of that, the removable, lightweight battery pack (36V 10.4Ah) powers up to a whopping 20 miles and takes only 4-5 hours to recharge.

What’s more, the Light 2 comes with two-speed levels and a stopping distance of just 3.28 feet. With a 36V output that charges up to 350W, you’ll be sure to experience a thrilling ride.

So, if you’re looking for a way to traverse your neighbourhood without having to break a sweat, then check out the INOKIM Light 2 E-Scooter. Experience the thrill and satisfaction of outdoor exploration without ever having to leave your comfort zone.

INOKIM Light 2 Electric Scooter

A portable, high-performance e-scooter designed for urban commutes. With a 350W motor, 21mph top speed, and a 20-mile range, this lightweight, foldable scooter tackles inclines and recharges in 4-5 hours. Prioritizing safety, it features dual drum brakes, LED lights, and durable materials for years of reliable use.

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Quick Clarification

The INOKIM Light 2 electric scooter has a max speed of 21 mph, a range of up to 20 miles and an IPX4 waterproof rating. It also has built-in lights on both sides of the handlebar and a 350-watt hub motor.

Introduction to Inokim Light 2 e-Scooter

Introducing the Inokim Light 2 e-Scooter, the newest addition to the Urban Commuter family. This stylish and powerful electric scooter is designed to be the perfect companion for daily commuters.

As a step above its predecessor, the Inokim Light 2 boasts a 350-watts motor that allows riders to reach up to 20 mph without breaking a sweat. The scooter also features a unique rear-wheel drive system to maximise rider safety and make it easy to handle with little effort.

Whether you are looking for an exciting ride or just a way to move around quickly, the Inokim Light 2 e-Scooter has something for everyone! It is equipped with larger 10” solid tyres, providing improved stability and maximum torque when taking on busy city roads or trails.

The battery of this electric scooter lasts up to 20 miles on a single charge, giving users more range and freedom when getting from point A to B.

For those of you already used to riding e-scooters, you can trust that the Inokim Light 2 has all the features necessary for a safe and thrilling ride every time. However, if this is your first experience with an E-scooter, rest assured that its user-friendly design makes it easy for anyone who wants to give it a try.

No matter what you seek from your rides, the Inokim Light 2 e-Scooter provides unmatched stability and performance along with its visual appeal; making it stand out amongst others in urban transportation and commuter market alike.

Now let’s take a look at the key features and specs of the Inokim Light 2 and what makes it truly special.

Features and Specs

Our introduction to the Inokim Light 2 e-Scooter certainly shines a spotlight on this incredible ride’s advantages: its ultra-portability, its weight of only 30 lbs, and its quick and easy assembly. But what really makes this amazing scooter stand out is the combination of all its impressive features and specs.

The scooter is powered by a 350-watt motor and contains a durable 36V 10.4Ahlithium battery that quickly recharges in only four hours. It offers smooth acceleration up to 21 mph, allowing you to appreciate the speed and power of your ride.

The tyres are tubeless solid rubber which makes them highly puncture-proof - fewer flats equal less inconvenience and more time for endless cruising. The brakes are electric and integrated with the throttle, so an optimised riding experience is guaranteed!

These tech specs are sure to impress any rider, especially when combined with the state-of-the-art suspension system that is designed to ensure shock absorption and stability throughout every journey. The low-centre gravity and large deck provide extra safety for passengers as well as increased comfort for rolling around town or about town even at higher speeds.

All these qualities together make it clear why the Inokim Light 2 E-Scooter was created - to provide convenient transportation while being efficient, affordable, reliable, and of course thrilling!

Now let's see how they have taken these exciting attributes one step further with their thoughtful selection of components in terms of their unimaginable suspension system and deck design - keep reading to find out more!

Foldable INOKIM Light 2

Suspension System and Deck Design

The INOKIM Light 2 E-Scooter lines up its design features with those of its stability and durability. Its suspension system is designed to absorb shocks and vibrations while ensuring the rider has a smooth ride on any terrain - from urban roads to paths in nature.

The ergonomic floating saddle is adjustable so it can be conveniently set to different heights for different riders or for riding styles. The materials used for the deck, handlebars and frame are made of durable and lightweight aluminium alloy that results in a scooter that is solid and reliable.

Thanks to its strong suspension system, the INOKIM Light 2 feels comfortable even when you are going over bumps or uneven surfaces. It also requires low maintenance because it is resistant to moisture, dust and dirt.

In addition, its curved deck design makes balancing easier and improves control when twisting through challenging curves.

Overall, the experience of riding the INOKIM Light 2 E-Scooter is further enhanced by the sophistication of its multiple outstanding features packed into its framework.

The next thing we need to consider in order to get ultimate enjoyment out of this scooter is how long can one ride uninterrupted before needing to recharge. To answer this question, we turn our attention towards the electric power pack behind the E-scooter's functional performance - battery capacity and speed.

Guy On Scooter

Long-Lasting Battery Capacity and Speed

After discussing the Inokim Light 2’s suspension system and deck design, the long-lasting battery capacity and speed are other features that should be noted. With a 10.4Ah high-efficiency Li-Ion battery that lasts for up to 20 miles, the scooter can reach up to 20 miles on a single charge. Additionally, it has a maximum speed of 21 mph, perfect for those in urban areas or residential streets looking for a quick run around town.

The battery can be charged in only 4 to 5 hours with the included charger and automatically powers off once it's charged, making it a more energy-efficient option compared to other models.

Riders can also customise the scooter according to their needs by changing the acceleration curve via the mobile app, letting users decide between smooth power delivery or higher speed performance while ensuring a longer battery range.

Of course, there are some who may disagree that this battery power is enough for their needs. They may want more range or speeds beyond 21 mph due to geographical constraints that require greater distances. Despite this, all evidence points to it being a reliable and robust choice for many commuters or recreational riders with ranges covering most daily uses.

In conclusion, strong battery performance and decent max speeds make the Inokim Light 2 an attractive option for those who are looking for safety as well as convenience when choosing their e-scooter. However, having good safety features on board is part of what makes this experience even better when riding the Inokim Light 2.

Safety Features on the Inokim Light 2

When it comes to safety features on the Inokim Light 2 E-Scooter, it is no surprise that this revolutionary model is equipped with top-of-the-line features to protect its riders.

It comes with an anti-slip grip material for acceleration and a brake on the rear wheel, allowing for better control and balance for users of all ages and skill levels. Additionally, the built-in motion sensors detect any unexpected stops or falls and switch off the engine automatically in a fraction of a second, minimising any potential risks.

For those who are looking for further peace of mind, the model also comes with two independent speed modes—a low-speed setting at 15 kph and a higher one capable of reaching up to 25 kph. This allows riders to adjust their travel speed according to their skill level as well as local traffic laws, thus increasing their overall safety when on the move.

This level of precision and control makes the Inokim Light 2 E-Scooter a reliable and safe way to get around town or commute over bigger distances, which ultimately adds up to a much smoother ride with lower chances of encountering any user errors or unsafe conditions while operating it.

Harnessing the power of its long-lasting battery capacity, this electric scooter allows riders to fully enjoy their time spent outdoors without having to worry about any unexpected setbacks being caused due to user error or hazardous materials blocking their usual path. And paired with its optimised braking and acceleration controls, users can enjoy a carefree journey in style and ultimate safety.

Brakes and Accelerator Control

Following the discussion about the safety features of the INOKIM Light 2 E-Scooter, it is important to consider how the scooter's braking and accelerator controls ensure rider safety as well.

This e-scooter's innovative design engineering offers an easy and effective way to control your speed and stopping power on every ride. The front wheel features an electro brake that combines a dynamic, electric motor brake system and a mechanical disc brake for maximum braking power and reliability. Furthermore, the light yet powerful acceleration manages speed efficiently without sudden jerks which is especially useful for beginners.

At the same time however, it should be noted that, although the brakes are reliable in general, they may tend to wear out with extended, long-term use or in extreme weather conditions such as rain or snow. Such issues are common concerns associated with every type of electric scooter; thus it is important to keep such potential problems in mind.

Despite this, overall the acceleration control and brake system of the INOKIM Light 2 is quite satisfactory when compared to its competitors - offering a smooth operation, highly responsive pedalling options and easy manoeuvrability for riders who are just starting out as well as more experienced cyclists alike.

All in all, with its advanced safety features, reliable braking system and user-friendly accelerator controls, the INOKIM Light 2 ensures a safe, effortless riding experience so that riders can focus on the thrill of their journey rather than worrying about their safety while on board.

Now with those details out of the way, let us take a closer look at another essential aspect of this e-scooter: its material quality and portability.

Material Quality and Portability

The INOKIM Light 2 E-Scooter is constructed with a superior level of material quality and portability. Constructed from a high-strength aluminium alloy frame and 10” air-inflated tyres, the INOKIM is surprisingly durable and lightweight while maintaining optimal stability in a variety of terrain. This, combined with its ergonomic handlebars and folding design, renders the scooter easily portable and manoeuvrable; thus, making it ideal for city-dwellers who are always on the go.

In addition to its impressive portability, the INOKIM Light 2 also provides exceptional ease of use with its handbrake lever that’s conveniently located at the front of the scooter's handlebar.

The adjustable accelerator control is designed to offer two riding speeds: eco mode (6 miles/hour) which ensures maximum energy efficiency and sport mode (up to 21 miles/hour) which can be used for speedy riding.

When travelling from place to place, there’s added assurance that the INOKIM Light 2 will be as safe and comfortable as possible due to its high-quality material construction. As a result, riders can rest easy knowing that they are making an investment not only in enjoyable leisure transportation but in providing themselves with a dependable and trustworthy form of transport that won't let them down.

Moving on, the next feature up for examination is the load capacity and additional features of this e-scooter. From its powerful lithium battery to its debris-resistant chains and motors, every component has been expertly crafted with safety and efficiency in mind.

Load Capacity and Additional Features

As far as load capacity and additional features are concerned, the INOKIM Light 2 E-Scooter does not disappoint. It is designed to withstand up to 120 kg of weight, making it suitable for riders of nearly any size. Furthermore, this scooter has a large 10” pneumatic tyre at the rear that boosts safety through increased stability while riding on different terrains.

The Light 2 e-scooter also includes a triple-mechanism folding system which guarantees fast, safe and easy folding in just one second. This allows for convenient transportation and storage. Additionally, this scooter comes fully equipped with two 350W motors for quick acceleration and a powerful braking system for enhanced control and reliable stopping power.

Beyond these features, what really sets INOCKIM apart from other electric scooters is its patented anti-theft technology. The motor can be locked and enabled via Bluetooth connexion on a smartphone app and users can take their phone—and peace of mind—on their journey knowing their ride is secure. The sleek transportable design also makes it discreet and difficult to pinpoint in the event of theft.

All in all, the INOKIM Light 2 electric scooter is extremely feature-rich and provides riders with an enjoyable ride owing to its impressive portability, load capacity, added security, and unique design.


Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

What are the safety features of the INOKIM Light 2 e-scooter?

The Light 2 e-scooter designed by INOKIM is built with a range of safety features to ensure the rider is as safe and secure as possible while they experience the thrill of riding.

Firstly, the Light 2 is equipped with front and rear E-MARK-certified LED lights, making sure that riders can be seen easily at night or in darker conditions. The brake system is also optimised for agile and easy braking, with an emergency stop feature in case the e-scooter needs to come to an abrupt halt.

In addition, the Light 2 has an anti-slip surface on its deck which helps keep riders balanced and secure during their ride. There are also adjustable handles which can fit different heights to maximise stability and control.

Finally, the suspension built within each disc brake also offers a smooth ride while providing maximum response and braking power.

All in all, with its impressive range of high-quality components and its focus on rider safety, the Light 2 e-scooter designed by INOKIM easily exceeds expectations when it comes to riding security.

What features does the INOKIM Light 2 e-scooter have?

The INOKIM Light 2 E-Scooter is an amazing invention that offers users a thrilling experience. From its powerful 350-watt motor to its lithium battery, this e-scooter is designed to provide users with a fast and smooth ride.

It features a top speed of 21 mph and has a maximum range of 20 miles with one charge. The recharge time is just 4 hours, making it ideal for commuters who want to quickly get around. It also has regenerative braking which allows you to recuperate energy while slowing down. Additionally, the dual suspension system ensures a comfortable ride even on rough surfaces such as gravel roads or cobblestone pavements.

The INOKIM Light 2 E-Scooter also boasts LED headlights and tail lights, an anti-theft alarm, a brake light sensor and a rear cargo rack that provides extra storage space. The durable frame of the scooter can support up to 100kg and the built-in LCD display shows important information such as current speed and range. Users can also customise their rides by choosing from a variety of available colours and accessories.

Overall the INOKIM Light 2 E-Scooter is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a fun, safe and convenient way to travel around town.

What is the range of the INOKIM Light 2 e-scooter?

The INOKIM Light 2 e-scooter has an impressive range of 20 miles per charge, depending on the weight of the rider and the terrain. This makes it a great choice for commuters and those travelling short distances, as you won’t need to worry about running out of battery power. You'll be able to get from A to B without any problems. Additionally, the 350W motor ensures that you’ll cruise at speeds up to 21 mph with ease.

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